Incorrectly reapplied for B2 visa and had it denied, not realising my old one was valid for 10 years. Can I still use/?

Hi,I previously travelled to the USA and stayed for 5 months on a b2 travel visa. June - Oct.They issued me with a 10 year, multible entry visa. Which I just realised today, allowed multible entries.However, I applied for another b2 visa at the consulate in London on Friday, to travel for afurther 4 months. This was however refused. No reason was given, infact the man was very rude and didn’t ask me any questions, he was typing and then said it had been refused. I was not happy, so upon further questioning I accertained that I’d need to prove stronger ties to the UK. But I still do not know whether that was the official reason. My own thoughts are that since I had only just been in the USA, reapplying, might make it look like I want to move there. However I am realising now that since my previous visa was valid for 10 years, that I probably should not have reapplied anyway?Thus my questions are:1) can I still use the previous 10 year travel visa to enter the US. Or because my new visa was refused, has this invalidated my old one?2) by completing a new visa application, and having this refused, have I messed this up for returning to the USA?3) I want to go to the USA after I am going to Canada in a few weeks. I just want to go to the USA for just a few weeks to go to my friends wedding. Would I have difficultly using the old B2 visa to do this.Thanks

  1. Do you see a cancel stamp against your B-1 visa? If not, then it is still valid for travel

  2. No, you should be ok

  3. You will be asked about purpose of visit and why you are returning so quickly. It is recommended to not stay in US for more than 6 months in a 12 month period. If you are able to convince PoE officer that your trip is genuine and you will return soon, it should be fine.