Incomplete middle name on Approval Notice H1B Exempt Case.

Hi All,

My previous employer had applied for H1B visa and I had got stamping done while I was with previous employer. However, I had never traveled to US as there was no opportunity with Previous employer. Recently I changed the employer. New employer has an opportunity we applied for h1b transfer and got the Approval.

However, the approval notice now has my middle name as Ramesh instead of RameshChandra. Is it fine ? First name and surname on the approval notice are correct. Also, I have a valid visa stamping until 2017 (Stamped while i was at previous employer.) The previous stamping has my name correctly spelled as on passport. Now could i travel with the previous stamping and new approval notice.

Could there be any issues at POE due to old stamping or incorrect middle name ? Please advice.

As long as First and Last names are correct, i dont think there will be a concern with middle name. This name would appear on the approval notice based on how your employer/attorney filled the documents. I would say its competely the problem with them. very rare chances that mistake can happen from uscis end. But regards to your case you need not worry. At POE if some one asks tell the genuine things. For sure it wont create any harm.

Hi Jathin,
Thanks for your reply. Could also let me know if it fine to travel with the old stamping valid until sept 2017 (Visa Stamped while i was at previous employer. Hence the petition number and employer name on the stamp are that of previous employer).
Could i produce the new Approval notice at the poe along with the old visa stamp ?
hope this wont be cause any problems ? Please note though I had visa stamped at previous employer I have never traveled to us so does not have any i-94 and ssn.

Hi Jathin,

Could you please help me with the above query. Also, If I plan to go for new visa Stamping interview will this Incomplete middle name cause any problem while stamping.

Please update Pleaseā€¦