Including 2nd Client details in LCA

Hello Experts,
Is it possible to include 2nd client names and location in approved LCA (approved with first client name).
If some one is planning to work for multiple clients then I guess all client names and address must be mentioned in LCA but if initial LCA is having detailed about client-1 and not about client -2. what is the process to get Cleint-2 added? Is it amendment filing? If cleint-2 work is fully remote in nature then also we need to include 2nd client details in LCA? Also if you have work for 40 hours each client then I do not think USCIS will allow this much hours in a week. I am asking because I want to make myself fully aware about what is allowed and not allowed in H1B for my knowledge purpose.


It is possible to work for multiple clients with same H1B employer as far as your LCA and H1B petition lists all the jobs.
I replied to your post on another forum and the one redundant on this.