Inactive status after CPT and before OPT Starts

Hello All.

I have couple of questions with regards to Inactive status on Job for F1 visa holders.

My wife would undergo F1 Visa stamping and her CPT ends on 23rd December and OPT starts from 29th January 2018.She is currently working on CPT and her employer has decided to put her in an inactive status (no pay & no benefits) from 22nd December 2017 to 29th January 2018. I wanted your advise on:

Can an F1 student be on inactive status while waiting for her OPT to start?Also, her employer has issued Employment Verification Letter for US consulate stating that she will be inactive between 22nd December to 29th January 2018. So, is it ok to have a term “inactive” in Employment Verification Letter?It would be helpful if anyone can help with these questions.