In US on H4 , H1 approved for 2014, need to travel to India

Hi Saurabh , I am in US currently on H4 visa. My husband changed his employer after coming to US and hence my H4 is not stamped ( the initial I 94 on which I came to US has expired. ). I also got my H1b 2014 approved in June 2013. Requesting you to please help me with following questions - 1. Can i Travel alone to India and come back before Oct on my H4 or Would my husband also need to come with me to get both our Visas (his H1 and my H4 stamped ? I understand that If I go and come back before Oct, i ll need to get my H4 stamed but not sure if my husband’s H1 also needs to be stamped for that. 2. Which is a better option - to go and come back before Oct on my H4 itself or to go and come back in Oct with a stamped H1? Thanks very much for your help.

  1. You need to get H-4 visa stamped but it is not required for him to accompany you. You can go alone and carry his H-1 related documents (like recent payslips, 797 copy, I-94 copy, employment verification letter etc) for your own visa interview.

  2. If you H-1 is already approved w/ COS, then you can return on H-4 prior to Oct and still be on H-1 from Oct 1. If you are confident about your own H-1 stamping, then you can return after Sep 20th on stamped H-1 visa.