In-State tuition fee for H4 to F1 converted Visa

My wife is on H4 as of now and we got the In-state tuition approved by NC Residency since her case satisfied all the conditions.

She will go out of the Country for stamping and the University Start Date is in June 2019.

Now (in a couple of months), she is planning to switch to F1 visa, will she be eligible for In-state tuition fee?
Reason to not study in H4 is because she won’t be eligible for OPT/STEM on H4.

No, once she switches to F1 visa, she would very likely lose that benefit as she will not be considered H1B dependent and move to international student status. If she get some sort of funding like TA, RA, GA, or scholarship ,then she may be eligible. Check Funding types in US Schools: TA, GA, and RA? Paid Money? Tuition Fee? How to get?

Discus with financial aid office and your DSO, they may suggest some options. Worst case, she would have to pay full tuition fee