In India,filed an H1 visa,have an H4 , can I travel on that for a vacation

Hi Saurabh,

I am currently in India without any visa while my wife is in the USA on an H1b. I am employed by a US based company in India. They are filing an H1b for me this april and if everything goes well I will be able to move back to US in October on an H1b.

Now since my wife is on an H1b, I plan on applying an H4 visa in March when my wife comes to India for her stamping. Hopefully I will get my H4 visa. But I do not want to travel and stay in the US till october on H4 since my commitment to the company that is filing the H1 is that I keep working for them until october.

Now my question is that If I want to travel to the USA for a 2-3 weeks on a vacation on the H4 visa, will that have an adverse affect on my H1b application. Also do I need a get a letter from my company stating that I am on a vacation.

Thank you so much for all ur help,


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You can go for vacation on h4 visa. It won't get you any problems.

Actually, If you have a H4 visa then you're a resident in america as long as your wife. 

And, don't tell the visa officer that you want h4 visa for vacation. It might get you into problems.

So, Just tell the visa officer that your wife has H1b visa and you're her dependent/spouse, so you need h4 visa and go to the US with your wife and enjoy your vacation and then come back to your work in India.

And then when your employer sponsor you the h1b visa, go to the US and stay with your wife on H1 B visa. It's THAT simple, dude! 

Yet you've any doubt, Go to this link and relax: