In I797 Form -- Surname is printed incorrectly !!! URGENT

Hi Saurabh and frnds,

                                   Well my petition got approved for H1B and my employer in USA wants me to book a slot for VISA ,but my query is in my approved I797 form my surname is printed wrong let me give u the clarity ,single alphabet is missed where in my passport has the correct surname printed .

                Ex :   [b]PASSPORT[/b] --    MAADHA 

                                    [b] I797[/b] --   MA_DHA 

Now u can observe the difference of a single ALPHABET got missed in I797 ,frnds its a URGENT  query plz provide me the answer i need to book the slot for VISA should i go ahead with booking the slot or should i ask my employer for I797 Amendment which i think will take time to get the new I797 plz suggest an advice ASAP thanks

Yes you must. It is not an issue at all it will go thru easily.