Impact on H4 EAD incase of H1B transfer


I applied for my H1B extension, my spouse’s H4 extension and H4 EAD all together, in Oct2020(in Nebraska center). This is through my current employer A.
I recently got my H1B extension approved and validity is till Sep2023.
We are now awaiting on H4 and H4EAD(both are valid till Dec2020).

I’ve received a full time job offer with employer B and they are planning to file my H1B transfer in this month/Jan2021.

I’m really now in a dilemma whether to take up this offer. If I do, and assuming I quit employer A in Jan2021, then A would file a revocation request with USCIS of my current H1B petition and I believe this would impact H4/H4EAD as well. Unless I receive H4 EAD approval before that, which I doubt would happen, given the current processing times at Nebraska center.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this please?

Thank for your help!