Impact of loss of passport on H1B Visa Stamping

I have applied for H1B in 2011 quota, I got the approval and have been waiting for the client letter from my Employer, I was about to get it in a week. But I lost my passport now, it has validity for four more years i.e. it would be expired in April,2016. When I checked with one of passport agents, he mentioned that I can get a duplicate passport with same number in a week period. I am not sure how much this is true.I would appreciate if you can let me know the impact of this new passport in my H1B stamping. Do I need to intimate my Employer or attorney in regarding this… or a Duplicate passport is okay and shall I simply go ahead for stamping if the client letter is ready… Thanks in advance for your replies…

As far as I know, if its an Indian Passport, duplicate passport will not be having same number as the lost one. They’ll be issuing a new passport with a new number with validity for another 10 years. However, for applying for a duplicate passport, you need to have a case filed with the nearest Police Station and the FIR copy is required.

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Its better to inform about the lost passport to your employer and attorney.

While going for stamping you could use the new passport (use this passport number in your DS-160) and carry the copy of the FIR just in case.