I'm on H4 visa with no GC initiation nor 6 years of extension. Does H4 EAD rule apply for me

Hi, I’m on H4 visa and been in US since 1.5 years. My Husband is on H1b and the company has not yet started the green card process. Wil I be eligible for the H4 EAD rule. Can I get EAD without GC initiation or 6 years criteria? And my other doubt is, if we get extension this year, is it necessary to stay in US for 6 years or jus the extension approval is enough.

Simple answer is NO, you need your H1 spouse Green card second stage (i140) completed to get your H4 based EAD. I would suggest you to please spend some time to read the main article on this blog related to H4 EAD.

Extension approval is enough.