If previous employer doesn't give H1b visa approval documents....


Currently I am on H4. And i got h1b visa approval on 8th august but company A filled my visa doesn’t have project for me . So i am planning to change employer.Please help me on below queries:

1.How can i transfer my H1b visa?

  1. I havent received my petittion documents yet, so new employer will be able to get documents from USCIS if company A denied to provide documents to me.I have receipt number and H1 status as approved.
  1. Find a new employer and ask them to file cap-exempt petition for you (this is what we call H-1 transfer). Give them copy of A’s approval notice as proof of having made through the cap. Rest of the documents are similar to what you gave to A for their petition filing.

  2. Its best to have approval copy. If not, B can try w/ the receipt number and print-out of online status showing up as approved.