If L1 extension is rejected and New B1 to be applied


I was staying on L1B for 4.5 years in US, In Dec 2015 , My company applied for the extension , but it was denied in June 2016 and I came back to India.

Now my company wants to apply for B1. I have 2 questions,

  1. Can I apply for B1 just after 3 months since my L1 extension denied?

  2. If I come on B1, will it affect my chances of getting L1 B/A or H1?

can any one please suggest or If some body has gone through such experience please share your experience


  1. Yes, you can apply. Have a valid reason, why you intend to travel on B1

2)No, it wont affect any other visa applications.

thanks Ramanan for your reply,
I have been advised that it is not good to travel on B1, so early,
its better to wait for atleast 6 ,months to travel on B1, after L1 extension is denied
is it true?
will appreciets for an answer