If i update my Surname in my passport before Stamping, Will it be issue during stamping.

Hi All, This is Santhosh Kumar from india.

My H1B visa got Approved in 2016, My stamping will be scheduled in November or December of 2017. Before that my organization alerted me to renew my india passport which is gonna expire in 24th August 2018.

   In my current passport, surname is blank and which is been used for my H1B application, So in my H1B petition FirstName is FNU and LastName as SanthoshKumar, But my Actual First name is 'M'  in my all certificates and proofs. When i went to renew my passport, they verified my name and asked me to change my name including my initial 'M'. For this i need to publish Change of  Name in 2 local News paper.

 Now if i go for stamping with surname updated in renewed passport, Will it make any issue while stamping. Anyway i will carry documents and Newspaper clips.

Can anyone please advice on it.