If I apply for H1B visa in April 2015 and get selected in the lottery, when can I start working?

Hi I was wondering if I appy for April 2015 H1B and get selected in the lottery, what date can I start working?

My OPT end date is June 15th 2015.

Also, If I get rejected what portion of the fees will be reimbursed?

Thank you

You can check the cap-gap time with your college i think it would be around 4 months but still make sure with the college. Depend on your approval you can start the work(most probably October). I am not sure about fees.

You can opt for cap-gap, provided you got selected in lottery (by producing the receipt)

You can start working on H1 only from Oct 1st (meanwhile you can work on OPT on cap-gap)

what do you mean by rejected here?

if not picked in lottery, USCIS will send back the fee enclosed. However you don’t get the fee back if it is denied for any reasons after getting picked in lottery