If H1b RFE documents not submitted within time

I am selected for H1B visa this year. Now my case status is request for evidence. USCIS requested me submit client letter and valid SOW. Unfortunately my company lost my project. Now company is looking for other opportunity but still no position for me.

So if I not submit documents within time in that case my Visa will expire?

Please help me.

RFE has an expiration date usually 3 months. If not responded by that time, it would be considered denied; and you will be out of lottery.

If not replied, how much money company will loose?
How much mony company might have spent till RFE expiration.

No money is refunded. The company would have spent 2000-4000 USD + attorney fees by now.

Thank you Saurabh

There is any way to get more time to respond RFE

I don’t think so it can be extended.

USCIS requested my to submit SOW and client letter but if i only submit SOW in that case it will reject or again RFE?

Submit SOW and a letter explaining the absence of client letter.