If H1b Rejected then alternatives?

Hello all,

          My F-1 Visa expired december 2012. After graduation I started work and am currently on OPT 17 month ext which expires in December 2013. My lawyer filed petition on Friday, should have reached USCIS yesterday.

Q: Due to the whole lottery situation in case If I am not selected or get rejected by any chance what alternatives can I avail? I have a full time job and OPT ends in December 2013 and would love to continue working. So what is your advice? Thanks in advance I appreciate all the input I can get.


This is a very good question since I am in the same boat. I’ve heard that maybe one can start a new course (at a local uni/community college) and then work under CPT but I am not sure how this works since CPT is only allowed after one full year of classes. Maybe there are some courses that allow CPT straight after joining or after just one semester but I don’t know. Maybe someone here will be able to help?

Well, CPT is allowed after one full year of classes but given that you have already done your first masters in US when you go for your second masters, CPT can be taken immediately… thats what my understanding is… what do you guys feel ?

I did my undergrad from here actually. So If I enroll now it will be a fresh masters course. But that has to be an alternative at the moment, since I wasnt really planning to do it right now. But all depends on the H1b thing. What say?

@financialanalyst. That’s interesting and I have not heard about that in the past. It would be great if we could get more information on this from some one on the forum

Generally, CPT is granted after 9 months/ an academic year into the course, not before that. If you do get CPT before 9 months or one the first day, the university must be fake and you might get into legal trouble in future. Remember the two universities that were scrutinized sometime back for the same reason.

It does not matter whether it is your first or second Master’s degree.