If H1b approval process goes beyond my L1 expiration date,what do I do?

I have a valid L1 and I-94 until 29th September 2013. I have filed for H1B in April (with an intention to do L1 to H1B transfer). My present company wont file L1 visa extension. In this scenario below are my questions :

  1. Since I can join only from Oct 1st 2013, can I stay in US between 29th Sept 2013 till 1st Oct 2013 on L1 Visa?

  2. If no, is there a procedure that I can apply for L1 extension?

  3. If H1b approval process goes beyond 29st Sept then what should I do?

  1. You will be out of status for those 2 days

  2. Only your company can apply for L1 extension

  3. You would need to leave the country, get the visa stamped and come back again after your stamping is done

Thanks a lot Ankit. Lets hope for the best.