If Employer revokes H1 then what's process to activate it?

I am in USA and I have L1 till 2013. I got my H1 activated from 1st Oct 2012, I am still working on L1. If my employer who filed H1 revokes it then how can I reactivate it? Do I need new petitition through another employer and is wait period till next October 2013?

	Additional information

	Current H1 was filed as status change. I know legally I cant work on L1 since new I94 says 1st Oct 2012 to 2015. But I am serving notice period and I would leave employer(L1) in mid November to which 2nd employer (H1) is not agreeing and says he will revoke my H1.
	Another thing is I travelled out of US after my H1 approval and got new I94 which was on L1. What is last rule out in this case? L1 I94 date is July 2012 to 2013