IBM is not processing any H1B amendment for FY2016

This year I have been selected in H1B lottery and received my petition and got stamped for Richmond, VA, US. I am working in IBM India. Eventually my project got changed and now it requires location transfer to Bentonville, AR, US. But IBM is saying that there is freeze on processing amendment for H1B FY2016 cases. Is it really true that USCIS is not processing any H1B FY2016 location transfer amendments ? If not, then when it will start processing.

This might be a company freeze. USCIS is still accepting applications for amendments and there is no press release to say otherwise.

Amendment costs money, and companies may put a freeze to manage their budgets.

Hi I am also from IBM and facing the same. Can u pls tell me your name or contact me.

I 100% agree with Saurabh. Companies might delay or cancel amendments due to budgets.

I am also from IBM and in the same boat as you, so I can understand your frustration.

Yes I suppose I was also included in the exception list, but it seems like it is not approved. Most of the people has got the approval.

Hi I am also from IBM and facing the same. What is next do we need to wait ?