IBM asking $10,000 even we get Waive Notice Period entirely from separation coordinator


I came to US with H1B visa on 2014 and served IBM for a year. Due to circumstances, I had resigned and moved to a different employer. As per the email from “Separation Coordinator”, it was clearly mentioned “Waive Notice Period Entirely” and accepted my resignation with the mentioned notice period for 2 weeks.

1 day before my last working day, I received a email which was sent to my manager to confirm about my resignation was accepted in the tool with option "Waive off India Notice period entirely". My manager too confirmed the same.

But from the tool after the acceptance of my resignation I had received as “Waive Notice Period Entirely”.

Now IBM is holding my Final settlement and service letter for not paying $10,000.00.

Need help in suggestion to handle this situation.

Is this IBM india or US? Try to negotiate it down via HR. Whats final settlement? And get a lawyer to go through your agreement.

It is the calculation for the last pay from the employer.