I94 valid for more than 2 years, L1b visa valid till oct'16, till what time can stay in US

My I94 is valid for more than 2 years, but L1b visa is going to expire in October this year, I am going to apply for L1 extension, if my extension petition gets denied, please suggest till which date I can stay/ work in US.


This is my opinion not a legal advice.

If your extension petition is denied then your I-94 might also get cancelled.

If your petition is denied and I-94 is not cancelled then you are not unlawfully present in the US. because your I-94 has not expired, but you are not permitted to work. In this case If you continue to work then your are working without authorization which might affect your future visa application. If your are not working then you are not on L1 status.

Thank you for giving me such a quick reply.

I had one more question…
Last year I filed L1 extension just to get my I94 extended (expired with my passport expiry), my L1b visa was valid for one more year… But my extension got denied… then I travelled to India to get new I94, now my visa/petition is actually expiring this year end, please let me know if I can file L1 extension again or since last time it got denied, I can’t.