I94 Travel History problem


I have a problem with my I94 travel history in the month of Feb I traveled to Texas from New Orleans to visit places Guadalupe Mountains and white sands in Car on that time i dint carry my PASSPORT because i have driving License. on my way i got US Border Patrol the officer asked me to show my passport but i said sorry officer that dint carried passport i showed my Driving License and the officer warned me from next time onwards you need to carry passport and he allow me to pass through that way. and i visited that places and came back to New Orleans in last week i have seen my I94 travel history there is port of exit on it so immediately i went New Orleans CBP office and explained my situation and i showed my valid OPT and Visa and passport to them but they refused to take it off from travel history and they suggest me to go to Home country and get stamping can you please suggest me what to do now.