I94(first h1 )expired new transfer/renewal pending over 8 months

My intial H1B expired on August 25,2016 and with it my I94 as well. I was being laid off and knew a few days before that my employer wouldn’t be renewing my visa. In the meantime I found another job(consulting) and this new Employer had applied for my H1B. The receipt date on this new petition is Aug 30th,2016. My new employer did not apply premium processing and in the meanwhile the premium processing was susprended by USCIS. I have been working since the date on receipt(8/30/2016). My doubts: 1.Since it is more than 240 days since the expiry of my I94 AND date on receipt notice, can I legally stay in US? 2.What are my options-stay in the US and not work until USCIS processes the case(latest status: Case was transferred to another office…), continue working, leave USA and which one would be better from a legal/professional standpoint.

Hi, did you find answers. I am in same boat as yours. OlePle share your findings. Here is my email yagamikira315@gmail.com. Please Help.