i94 extension possible if L1b visa extension is rejected

I am on L1B visa, My L1B visa and i94 are expiring on Jan 20 2014. I have to travel to India next year in may. I have following question

1. Are currently L1B visa extensions getting approved or rejection rate is too high

2. How much time is required for L1B visa extension

3. If L1B visa gets rejected before visa expiry can we apply for i94 extension and stay in US

4. if we currently apply for i94 extension, can we later on apply for L1B extension next year. Is there any time gap that is required between both.
  1. You will have to look at the processing time for your center on USCIS website. Typically it is 2-3 months but may vary.

  2. Not sure what you mean here. When inside US, your L-1B extension and I-94 extension will be filed simultaneously. Denial of one will result in the denial of the other.

  3. If I-94 extension is applied, then no separate L-1B extension is required as long as you stay inside US. When you leave the country in May, you will have to appear for L-1B stamping which would be like L-1B extension.