I94 expired, want to file h1b transfer while h1b extension is still pending

I am on H1B visa, my I94 was expired 2 weeks ago. So, my company A had filed my H1B extension last month in normal processing and it will take 3 - 4 months of processing time. Now i have got an opportunity with company B and they are doing my H1B transfer in Premium processing. So my questions are:

Q1) Is it possible that my H1B transfer petition (with company B) will get processed in 2 weeks, or it will go in queue, because already there is one H1B extension petition by company A is pending ?.

Q2) If my H1B transfer petition will be processed in 2 weeks, then what will happen to my extension petition? 

Q3) Is it save to file H1B transfer petition when H1B extension petition is still pending?

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Hi, I am also in a similar boat, can you please let me know how you handled the situation? Thanks!

Anyone suggest on this who went thru this scenario and accepted offer from employer B?

Hi sivasanthosh, I went ahead and did my transfer. Both the petitions (from Employer A & Employer B) got approved at a time.