I94 Expired but H1B is still valid and my status is out of status, filing NPT will help?

I-94 Expiry Date: July 14th 2020
H1B and Visa Expiry Date: Aug 28th 2021

My I-94 has expired and I am out of status since Jul 14th 2020 and have valid H1B & visa stamped until Aug 28th 2021.
I have renewed my passport before my I94 and old passport expire but didn’t realized needs to update i94 also I had plan to visit India by may 2020 and got flight ticket as well but due to Covid flight cancelled my tickets otherwise i would have renewed my I-94 while enter back before my i94 expire.
I called many CPT office they are denied to update i-94 until if there any mistakes. My company layers found while filing my h1b renewal that my I94 is expired already and more than 300 days now. They asked me to contact CPT office but they are not ready to update. My attorney said will file extension with NPT and premium process so that we will come to know quicker if they accept NPT. If not then they said I need to leave the country.

What will be my possible solutions now? Will H1 extension with NPT help ? what was the recent H1B filing status with NPT especially in the covid situation? Please keep me post and appreciate your business.