I94 details of old visa

Am applying for a fresh H1 visa this year.

I do not have any details of my previous I94 (6 years back).

How can i get those details?

I tried to find them online, byt there arent any records of mine.

please suggest

Its always a good idea to keep a copy of the I-94(old card based I-94).

If you have any I-797 extension approval copy obtained before you have left out of country, such I-797 would have the SAME I-94 number(till you get out of the country and obtain a new I-94 at POE). So, you can obtain your lost I-94 number that way. Using that number, you can estimate its date as the last entry date (stamped on the passport) for the entry time of that I-94. Also you can estimate that I-94 date as the start date of the next I-797 date(this may not be accurate but a potential estimate)