I94 back dated after approval of Concurrent H1B

Hi, I got a full time position with employer A and joined employer A after getting the H1B transfer approved. The petition was approved till June 2025 (both I797 and I94 shows expiry as June 2025). My previous employer B, who is a consulting company applied for Concurrent H1B after my petition with employer A is approved. Now the concurrent H1B is approved till Aug 2023 (I797). Even the I-94 on concurrent H1B is valid till Aug 2023. I94 record number on both I797s (both primary and concurrent) are same.

  1. Should both my employers file an extension before Aug 2023?
  2. If I do not want to continue with employer B, should employer A still need to file an extension before Aug 2023?
  3. If employer B files an extension and not employer A, can I still continue with employer A as I797 of employer A is valid till June 2025?

When you have more than one H1B employer with concurrent employment, both I-94 are treated separately. Meaning you can work for employer B till Aug 2023 while you can keep working for employer A till June 2025. Both renewals need to happen at appropriate time ( within 180 days of expiry of I-94) if you want to keep working for both.