i797 has 2 years approved visa after completing 6 years...is it valid ??

Completed 5 and half years on my H1B in Nov-2016.Applied for extension of remaining 6 months on my 6 years quota.As per the in-out dates on my passport we came back to India in April 2017,taking into consideration my 6 years quota is complete by then.

My extension application was approved after we came back to India and now i have i797 until Sep 2019.

  1. Am i eligible to travel again this i797 notice or it is not valid taking into consideration i have already completed 6 years ?

  2. Will i be eligible for stamping/travel if i complete a 1 year cool off period outside US on the same I-797 ?

  3. What if we file for a fresh H1B lottery and its picked up in lottery , would having a valid i797 affect my case ?