I797 and I94 dates and visa stamping query.

To the concerned.



My H1B visa period begun in Oct 2011. My I797 document is valid until May 2014. I haven't been out of the country since a while. I will be travelling to India pretty soon and I am due to get my visa stamped at the end of the month in Hyderabad. 

I requested my employer to supply a client letter and he gave a letter where the project end date is specified to be Dec 2013. 

My question to the panel is if the Visa Officer, after loooking at my Client letter would issue me a visa stamp until Dec 2013 only? On my trip back to the USA next month, would the Immigration folks at the port of entry look at the visa stamping period and issue me an I94 that is valid until Dec 2013 only?

Does this mean I will be wasting a visa period of 5 months?

It is a case to case scenario. Some Visa Officers give H1 stamping till end of petition and some based on client letter. Good luck!

POE - Same thing like above. Some officers stamp I-94 for 3 flat years, some for 6 or 5 years(based on how L1+H1 or H1+H1) minus time spent in US and some give till End of Petition. Since you said your H1B began in 2011, I assume thats your first visa.

so you are eligible to stay for 6 years with 2 H1Bs and then GC or whatever.