i140 Approved, Job Change, 1 year for 6 years completions


I will have completed 6 yrs in US on Feb 2017, My i140 got approved on Dec 2015(eb2 india), I have a job over from a new company. I have the below qs

  1. If I do H1B transfer now in Jan 2016, will I get 3 years based on the approved i140?

  2. Do i need to wait for 180 days… after i140 is approved to make a job change and get 3 years extended…

I am near to my 6th year of my H1b (My visa expires in Feb 2017) i got my perm approved with current employer. unfortunately my client have budget issues and they want to release some consultant my employer don’t have much client , so my employer may also release me, so if i switch employer and my new employer files perm at that time for dec 2016 or jan 2017 will my h1b 7th year extension get approve?