I would like to know about the eligibility criteria & financial aid for MS

hello team!

I am an ITprofessional having 6+ years in India. Iam married with no children as of now.Iam planning to study MS in the US, & iam 29.I already hold ms in embedded systems in India,i would like to know if i would be eligible to do ms in telecommunications.

and also please let me know how to attain a scholarship for my study in usa? will my experience in the same help me get through this? how are the employment opportunities for masters students? will i be able to get employed immediately after my ms or simply endup packing my bags off with just another degree in my pocket?

Thanks in advance!

If you hold a bachelors Degree you are eligible.

I have seen many people do MS after 45 also so its not a big deal!

you will need following things:

  1. GRE


  3. Based on GRE you can shortlist good schools ( Mind it your experience will help you to get into good schools) - At your experience level you should target for atleast top 10-15 shcools in your feild ( try to find out which schools are top on internet forums)

  4. After you shortlist these schools - you need to create SOP - based on school requirements - there might be essays - almost everything is online

  5. Apply to these schools - talk to professors and alumini - ask them about scholarships - after your experience it would be easy to get one- it helps a lot. Beware of agents from private schools who would try to sell you easy admissions - They dont care for you all they need is your money.

  6. Then you need to apply for F1 visa once you get admit and I20 from college

  7. After grad you can get OPT for 12 months where you can work If your degree is from STEM you can extend it till 17 months - You can apply H1 during april and start working form Oct.

well thanks for the answer! i would also like to know if i plan masters for aug next year, what is the maximum time taken for me to get settled with a job& while in college, do i need to take up odd jobs for supporting my expences?i heard that i can takeup research trainee ship under proffessors.wil that help me out during my job search? but, what are the requirements to take up the research trainee ship?

You can work only on campus for first 9 months in US.
Work can be Teaching assistant to a professor, Research assistant or any other work ( cafe etc in your campus) It has to be on campus. No special eligibility is required. it all depends on professor. If you have programing skills that can be useful to you to get some jobs on campus. TALK to Seniors!!!

After that you will be eligible for CPT ( Not to spoon feed you. …do your research on it).