I would like to invite my parents to USA on visitor visa for my wedding but I'm already married to an american citizen

I married my american girlfriend last year and got my green card this year. I didn’t tell my parent’s that I’m married they just know that we are together and we are having a wedding next year in 2020. I want to Invite them for the wedding and they need supporting documents from me to apply for their visitor visa. I don’t want to reveal them that I’m married. How do I deal with situation and what’s the best solution. Have you come across a case like this before.


As far as I know, you dont need to reveal your marital status anywhere in the documents OR orally during this process. Your parents can say that you are unmarried if any of the immigration process asks them about your marital status(which is unlikely).
Here is the rule.

  1. Dont tell lie when you need to tell a fact.
  2. Dont tell a truth, when it was not asked for.
    Good luck.