I want to know about MCS to study in USA.

I have completed my Bsc.IT (B grade) from Kuvempu University, Bangalore, as a distance learning from Nepal, with lateral entry in 3rd sem. of Bsc.IT through NIIT center. When i have completed my Diploma in software engineering 1 year course from NIIT, i have got admission directly to 3rd semester. Currently, i am working as a software developer since 2014-01-01. I have gap between Diploma of software engineering and Bsc.IT around 2 and half. So, i want to know that i will be eligible or not to study master in computer science in usa.

Well, honestly, I do not know. As long as your degree from an accredited University, many schools in US would accept the degree and let you apply. All I can suggest is that you can write to few schools in US and check, if they are fine with your current degree as it is distance education and other combinations.