I want to go on f2 dependent visa to US, plz help me in this case

My fiance is on f1 OPT in US, v r gona get married on 5th December 2016 n d marriage certificate will b transferred to University in US. I will b recieving d i20 document by 16th December 2016, r tickets have already booked n r flight is on 29th December, can v fill ds160 application form now b4 getting r marriage certificate n i20 document? Plzz help us asap… Thankuu…

N v probably r planning 2 book 19th 20th or 21st December for d visa interview, will it b convenient n right?

Yes, you can complete DS form now with information which would be truthful on the date of interview.

Thank You Sir, but what if in the form there will be some information related to the i20 document??? Can we fill that particular information later???

Is the F-1 holder transferring to new school and awaiting its I-20?

Maybe you can put in old I20 number for now and when you appear for biometrics, ask the person to update the I20 number to the correct one.

Usually biometrics person fixes all such data issues and I think I20 number should be no different.