I received RFE for my H1b Petition for FY19


Iam working as a Full time employee for company XXXX, currently on CPT 2nd Masters(Completed my OPT & STEM). I was not on Payroll for 3 months while on OPT(After 90 days of OPT) but i got full time after 3 months and was on payroll from then.

They filed H1B Petition and it went through lottery and i received my RFE on June 5th. As per company policy my immigration team can’t share the RFE details with employee.

I got a mail from my HR requesting me to send below details

  1. All the employer documents during post completing OPT until now.

  2. All the paystubs from OPT starting date until now.

I have shared the details with my HR.

Wanted to know as part of RFE response will my company send all my paystubs to USCIS for verification (or) the RFE response should justify about the status(Sent by attorney). Generally does RFE response include documents related to employee like Paystubs(As we generally never disclose paystubs right). As iam missing paystubs for 3 months during OPT worried if it impacts my H1B chances.

Please feel free to post your views.