I possess B1 visa. Can I go to US after marriage on B1.


I am working as a Project Lead in top MNC in Hyderabad, India.

My company has sent me to US in Jan 2011 on B1 visa. I possess multiple entry B1 visa valid till 2021.

I am getting married in Jan 2013. My fiancee is in US on F1 visa.

I need to go with him after marriage.

Can I go with him on B1 visa for 6 months?

Do I need to file F2 visa?

If I try for H1B visa, how soon I can be in US?


If you need to travel to US on B1, you should check if your B1 has annotation that prints your company name. If your company name is printed you should have invitation letter from the client of the company to enter US. It is possible that your entry to US may be denied. If your B1 does not have any company name on you can visit US on B1 but someone (like a company) should provide you with the invitation letter. Note that B1 is issued for visitors and business reasons. Companies always apply with business reasons and not as a visitor.

You can apply for F2 only once you get married not before that.

Thanks for a quick reply.
My visa does not print anything under annotation .
My visa type is B1/B2.
so Does this qualify for me entering in US to be with my husband ?

You still need an invitation letter to be on safer side. Sometimes border security asks for this document and sometimes they don’t. If you don’t have the doc when they ask…you may be deported from there.

The reason for the same is that your B1 is wouldn’t have been categorized as Tourist visa.