I planning to do ms in industrial engg.wrkn in amrcn mnc in mnfctrng dept.

Will my work ex be counted??I don’t have any research paper and all.but I took part in fsae uk.is industrial engg a kind of MBA for mech??my cgpa is 6.2 I am right now working in an American mnc into axle manufacturing.working in manufacturing engineering department.will it help in making my profile stronger??

No, it is NOT. MBA is different from MS. It can make it stronger. I can hardly undersrand your english buddy…be more specific.

I wanna ask that I am planning to do ms in industrial engg.and I am currently working in an American mnc which is into axle manufacturing.working in there manufacturing dept.so would my work ex be given some importance or what??and bout d English it wasn’t accepting characters above 75 that’s why I had to use such abbreviations.

It would definitely add some value, depends on how you position it in SOP. The reason it does not accept over 75 chars is that because it is title, you have a whole lot of space to write in the description.

Yeah I didn’t know that initially bout d 75 character thing.working in manufacturing and applying for industrial engg.are both related or what?? I have learn’t that if u apply for some course which is totally different from what u do in d company.it is not beneficial then.