I need some clarification on the concurrent h1b visa terminology.

Basically, I am working in a h1b cap exempt organization (Company A) currently and would like to shift to working for a cap subject organization (company B). I am currently on OPT which expires January 2013. My current company (company A) is ready to file a h1b for me asap. Company B is also ready to do so, but the h1b cap is full. So I do not have any hopes of acquiring a h1b from company B at this point of time.


 What are the options for me to gradually transition into working for company B. It is to be noted that the next H1B filing season starts in April 2013 (while my OPT expires before that). Is there a way that I can obtain a concurrent visa through Company B later this year which can be transfered to a full time stand alone h1b visa before my OPT expires?

A can file cap-exempt H-1 petition for you along w/ COS. Once it gets approved you can continue working for them until H-1 gets expire. When the cap opens next year, B can file cap-subject petition for you w/ start date of Oct 1 2013.