I just got h1b stamping, now can i use this for H1 transfer?

I just got my h1b stamping and now one of my employer wanted to use the same for H1 transfer. Can we go for h1b transfer, even if we never been emplyed with the first company who sponsered the H1, and even if no visit to US before?

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You already got h1b stamping. Thats good. When can you start to work in US? Is it it Oct2013? I was of the opinion that one can apply for the stamping only from july onwards. Can you tell which US embassy/consulate you approached for the stamping?

This was for Oct 2012, last fiscal year. And it was from new Delhi consulate. So I am ready to work in US now. but for this fiscal year you need to wait till oct 2013.

Anyone can answer please?

Yes, they can file cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) for you. This is possible even if you have never worked for 1st employer at all.

Thanks a lot Saurabh,

One more thing, one of my friend got 221g while his h1 interview at embassy and now he is waiting since 3 months. He will also got an offer from another company. He is having I797C and I129 for old company so can he wait for the stamping to go for h1 transfer or he can go for new stamping with old I797 and with new LCA for new company?

Appreciate your help.

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He needs new 797 from new employer and can then appear for stamping through them. This means approval of H-1 transfer first