I have the physical I 797 with me, what next for H1B Cap ?

My employer has received the H1B petition.and given me the original documents.

What should be my next step.

The VISA stamping is done on passport ?

When would the stamping process be initiated ?

What are the qusetions generally asked during stamping anf how much time it takes for the actual stamping to happen ?

Ask the employer or attorney to send all the documents to you. It will be bunch of around 150 pages (1.2Killogram :slight_smile: ). Normally, only photocopy of I-797 is necessary but Indian consulates sometimes ask for original so it is better to get all the originals. Once you have the documents with you, follow following.

  1. Create a new application for DS-160 at ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx

  2. Fill all the information

  3. Once you are satisfied that it is completely filled, confirm the application and take printout of the confirmation

  4. Now, go to ustraveldocs.com

  5. Create a account by signing up

  6. Take an appointment. During appointment process you will have to pay the fee 190$ (around 11,780 Rs.). You can either pay using NEFT, IMPS or visiting the bank (The fee you can pay before taking the appointment also).

  7. Fee is a separate process and is not linked to any application directly. So, it is important you keep safe the transaction number/ reference number while making payment through NEFT/IMPS. It takes few hours receipts to become valid at site so be patient.

  8. Once you have fee reference number , type in the payment page and click continue.

  9. Take a date of appointment. You have to take 2 dates. One is for OFC where your photo and finger prints will be taken. This should be before the date of interview ( Well, interface makes it sure that you don’t mess it up but still take care of it because you need atleast 2 days)

  10. Appear in the interview. if interview goes well he will take your passport. The passport will be mailed to the selected office ( you choose it while taking the appointment) after stamping.

Best of luck !