I have OPT and want to apply for H-1B 2014

Hi ,

I just started my OPT this february and my boss wants to sponsor my H-1B , i know the process start on April so it means that i have only one month to do the LCA… do you think i can make it? I saw in one of your answers you mention something about changing the status ( International students) of OPT to a Co… something before the opt expires but in my case should i apply differently eventhough i have 1 year OPT ( till Feb 20 2014)?

Please help me here

If the LCA process starts now, you can still be ready to have H-1 filed in April.

If you want to start working on H-1 ASAP, then your H-1 petition needs to be filed w/ COS (change of status) from F-1/OPT to H-1. This way, you will be on H-1 from COS approval date (typically Oct 1). Your F-1/OPT will cease to exist from that date.

Thank you Saurabh … But if i file it normal as OPT it’s not a problem right? I they approve it in October i’ll keep working with my opt until february right without as problem and the until the OPT finish i’ll start with the H1B status correct? Should I also put start date october 2013 till 2016 ?

Just to ask how do i change my status from F1/ OPT to COS ? Help me please