I have L1A in US.If i apply H1B, in mean time shall i go back to india?


I have L1 A, it valid upto April2013. And my company applied for extension and i got it upto april2015. IN mean time i am planning to apply H1B through one if the US based company ( not present company). In mean time i need to go back to india and planning to come back July’13. Please let me know, In case my H1B filied in Appril’13 , in this time if i travel to india , Is it going to impact My H1B visa process.



Your H-1 will continue to be processed, but your COS from L-1A to H-1 will be abandoned once you leave US. To avoid this, you need to leave US only after H-1 gets approved w/ COS, and then return on L-1A visa prior to Oct 1.

Else, you will remain on L-1 visa status even after Oct 1 and will have to enter on stamped H-1 visa or file separate COS from L-1 to H-1 in order to start working on H-1.