I have H1B petition, Need info on H1B Stamping last date

I am in India and have H1B petition, Visa is not yet Stamped. I have been blocked for some indian project till this year end.

H1B  petition Start date 01-Nov-2013

H1B  petition End Date  15- Nov- 2014

LCA start Date 25-Aug-2013

LCA End Date  24-Aug-2016 


Until What date latest, I can Go for stamping ?

what is the difference between H1B petition end date and LCA end date ?

U can go for stamping at any time before h1b petition end date…

LCA is related to job, it means there may be a possible extension of h1 as LCA date is beyond h1… Ur employer must have filed LCA for 3 years but h1 for an year