I have a valid H1B

I have traveled to USA in 09/2015 and worked for 4 months for Company A.I got VISA till 2017 But company was reluctant to have the long term position to me and sent to India.While coming back to INDIA i have transferd my VISA to company B and came to INDIA.

I got New I797 on behalf of Company B and attended Stamping process as well. There was delay in travelling because of some my personal problems and Company B revoked my VISA.

Now I am planning to transfer my VISA to Company C and here are my Questions:

1.As company B revoked my VISA am i still eligible to Transfer my Company A VISA to Company C

2.what are the challenges i will be going to see when i go for Company C VISA interview

3.Will there be any problems if at all i get a chance to Travel for Company A

Thanks in advance for the response.

  1. Yes. There is nothing like “transfer”. What is happening is an employer is filing a cap-exempt petition for you using a previously approved petition as reference to show that you have already been counted in the cap. So you can show A’s petition to show that you have already made through the cap, and C can get cap-exempt petition for you.

  2. Usual stuff. I don’t think your case history will impact it adversely, especially if you got paid while in US on H-1

  3. No, as long as you have a valid unexpired approved petition from A.