I have a B1 now, applying for an H1B visa

Hi there,

I have a question. I started a sister foundation in Europe of a foundation that is already active since 2001 in the US. The European foundation started by the same founder as the US founder. And is started September/October 2011.

Now i have filed for a B1 business visa and is approve with the M status as multiple entrees. I went to the US October 2011, stayed 6 months and applied for extension o 6 months. In October 2012 i need to leave to Europe.

My questions are:

  1. I go back home and let the company in the US (sister company) apply for a H1B visa, right? As they want me there to work directly for them. With the cap being reached in June 2012 we have to wait for application April 1st of 2013? And ask for start date October 1st? When do i send it in? Right a day before April 1st to make sure i am quick? And apply for premium to be sure in the race for October 1st 2013?

  2. If i leave October 2012 after a year in the US which was for training purposes, what is the earliest i can come back to the US sister company as my boss is the same as the boss in the US. In fact, he is my business partner as we both are responsible for the European organization. So, when can i come back to the US without bein questioned and also how long can i stay that next time? I work and get paid for the Dutch organization so i can show salary slips as well as employment contract and tax papers that i paid tax in my own country. I can show i live at a Dutch house and i have family and have a document with flight information back and official documents of the foundation with me. Or can i just enter the US as much as i want to?!

  3. Can it be easier to file L1A visa instead of H1B as with an H1B visa there is a minimum salary attached? But then again the company in Europe needs to exist longer than 1 year and including me being employee. And also we need to have at least one employee left in the organization in Europe and continue that organization in Europe. But what is the minimum required revenue for the organization in Europe to mske it work?! Even when it is a non-profit foundation?!

Hope you can help me out :slight_smile: Cheers!

No one???

Pls repharse you question in a smaller manner . May be you can post multiple questions. Thanks

Answer for your Question 1 : If you want to complete the process very soon it is better you send your application on April 1 st with preminum process.

Question 2 is not clear.

Answer for Question 3 : When you go for L1A you should worry about the US part of your company/revenue. L1A is for managerial role people. you need to justify that you are going to manage some people in US project …etc There are so many corporate rules for L1A for the US company not your europe. your US company should have strong in fillfing the L1A forms. Consult with your company legal department in US about the rules that will help you instead you deciding to go for H1B or L1A