I have 2 approved petition on first petition I got 221g white slip, can I now go for visa interview on second petition

I got two H1bs from different employers Employer A and Employer B.

I decided to go with Employer A and attended visa interview at New Delhi yesterday when I was told that they cannot issue my visa. They have given me 221g white slip and was told to submit the documents at VAC. It seems that they need some extra documents from client/petitioner.

My employer A is saying that he is currently arranging the documents from the client.

Now, is it possible to schedule an interview with H1b of Employer B?

Do I need to inform Employer B about this 221g or can I directly schedule an interview using Employer B’s receipt number?

Please help me… Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Akilesh ,

Iam in same boat,

I have two h1b petetions approved.

I have attended interview at hyderbad consulate with petetion A and got 221g white slip need admin process required.

Now can i attend the consualte h1b interview with approved petetionh B?

What happen in your case? In issue will can happen?