I got selected in H1B lottery. If i quit the company still will is my H1B valid?

I got selected in H1B lottery. I want to quit the company due to personal reasons and travel to US on H4 status. My current employer will send a withdraw notification to USCIS if i give my resignation. Under this condition, will my H1B still be a valid one? Can i search for a new job in US and ask the new employer to apply for a H1B transfer?

Unless the petition is approved you cannot apply for a H1b transfer. If petition is withdrawn before approval, you will have to ask any new employer to file a new petition and i doubt if that will be cap exempt so you might need to go thru approval again.

Better to let the petition get approved. Once you have the approved petition, you can travel on H4. and then a new employer can do H1 transfer and CoS.

Approved petition means does it mean stamped?