I got laid off last month while working on h1b.I came back to India.

I had completed only 1 year of my h1b slab. My current I797 valid till feb2019.how can my visa will get transferred and stamping will done. Can you help mehow come I will get to know about my petition validity. My old employer may revoked my petition.

What is the reason for being laid off . and when you came to know that … it depends on if your employer has already sent a notice or still in a process of sending the revokation notice ??

you need to find out and act asap.

It is due to project sudden ramp down. I don’t know whether they had sent revocation notice. Tell me what if they had sent the notice. How to find new sponsor & does my petition is valid.

You need to immediately find a job and do a transfer before your employer sends notice to USCIS . Your transfer should happened before revocation.

i am wondering, how you did not know this fact much earlier that there may be project ramp down , ?? you should always open you ears for this kind of issues. ??

Are you working for a consultancy or company … if consultancy mostly they will search for other projects , but for company they may revoke ??
what is your situation here…??

thanks lot for your prompt reply. appreciated. please let me know, what if company revoke it. how I will get to know. if revoked then is my h1b validity expired or what. please guide me

if revoked before you transfer ,… than you cant do anything but if you transfer then revocation will not impact

thanks ton for reply. Much appreciated. Please elaborate "you cant do anything ". Does this mean my H1b validity finish though my 5 years are still pending. Lot of consultancies are asking money for transferring the H1b,but before trusting them, I have to know that whether my petition is revoked or not. If it is revoked then I will loose the money.

yes you are right , but at least check with them and initiate transfers . you will come to know the truth. In order to know you need to apply for transfer… i guess … talk to Attorney , they will guide you on this situation…

Thanks lot. One last query, as per lot of research on google found a foreign national who has been counted against the H1B cap may remain in the U.S. in H1B status for a maximum of 6 years. If the foreign national leaves the U.S. or changes status prior to utilizing the full 6 years of H1B time and then wishes to return in H1B status, an employer may be able to file an H1B petition on the individual’s behalf requesting the remaining period of H1B time. SO my 5 years I can utilize it. what will be stamping fee